How to dowload movie fast and free without using torrents

Yes you can download movie faster and free....
If you are Airtel user then do the trick I have posted here then...
1.Download IDM(Ignore if you already have).
2.Go to
3.Right click on download link and copy link location/address
4.Paste the link in IDM(Add URL),delete all htttp and www in the beginning if required.

Free Airtel Internet


Now you can enjoy free unlimited internet browsing and download in your PC by using Airtel 3G.Yes you can.....
Just do this....
1.Download Opera Browser(Ignore if you already have)
2.Set you home page in opera browser as
Important : use 3G connection,keep your balance below 30 paisa and it is a proxy browser so you need to enter you web address not in opera address bar but within the web page in provided space.